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Are you ready to make positive changes in your life or your pet's life?

I'll teach you balancing the needs of your life & your relationship with your pets.

Little about myself »

Hi! I’m Meredith...

I am a professional animal communicator, psychic, medium, Reiki healer, teacher, public speaker and a writer.

I grew up in Southern California and have always been an animal lover. I have had several dogs, a bird, a cat, and a few horses growing up. I was an avid equestrian from the age of 11 years old. I rode at a hunter-jumper show barn and competed in many horse shows as a teen. After my teenage years, I was a groom on the horse show circuit for awhile until I decided to go back to college for graphic design.

As a child, animals were my confidants, my best friends. Even though I communicated with animals as a child, as an adult I had shut my ability off. In 2003, I rediscovered my ability to communicate with animals and spirits during a traumatic time in my life. Being able to communicate with animals and spirits is important to me because they have helped me heal throughout my life.


More About Me...

Animal Communication/Medium Reading
It’s incredible! I highly recommend Meredith to anyone even considering this. She’s the BEST!
~Tina Kracke, Tiburon, CA


  • I'm back for another FB LIVE, this Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, at 2pm PST/5pm EST/4pm CST. I will be doing LIVE Pet Readings AND Psychic-Medium Readings from my FB Business Page,
If you would like a pet reading, please comment with a recent photo of your animal and their name below (living or passed). I will pick the animals that I am drawn to speak with before the show. No lost animals. You have to be listening LIVE to the show to get a reading. 1 question readings only. 🐶🐾🐴🔮
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  • An Evening with Spirit Gallery Readings
Sunday, January 12, 2020
Location is at a private home in Lomita, CA.
Address will be given when you register and prepay.

Meredith will be speaking to loved ones who have crossed-over, giving pet readings and psychic readings in a gallery style group reading demonstration. 
She is an Animal Communicator/Psychic/Medium, meaning she will give specific evidence and details about your loved ones such as personalities, cause of death, physical appearances and dates as well as other information that only you would know.
Gallery demonstrations are a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of animal communication, psychic readings and Mediumship within a group of people. The purpose of this event is to provide healing and offer confirmation that there is life on the Other Side and that the soul lives on after leaving the physical body.

Everyone attending this event will receive a reading and messages will often relate to many people in the room. Meredith has no control over which crossed over loved ones speak to her. ANYONE who has been connected to you, even if you never met them, or anyone you have known (friends, teachers, or neighbors) may choose to come through.
Please keep an open heart and mind when coming to this event.

If you are planning to attend, please pre-register. 
Register Today to Reserve Your Space. 4 seats left. $35.00
Prepaid in advance.
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LIVE & TAKING YOUR CALLS!  Special Guest Meredith Whitney, Animal Communicator/ Medium Returns

8 PM est/ 5 PM pst

KICKING OFF 2020 with a special treat for YOU!!🎊 #LifeLaughterHappiness