Animal Communication

As an Animal Communicator/Intuitive/Medium, Meredith helps you have a deeper connection with and an understanding of your
best friends, your pets. She connects telepathically with animals and figures out what is going on with them,
behaviorally, emotionally or physically. She also connects with animals that have crossed over into spirit and also communicates with the spirits of our human loved ones who have passed on. Sessions are done in person, by Skype or by phone.

What is Animal Communication?
Animal communication is the exchange of thoughts, pictures, feelings and words between an animal and person. It is telepathic which means it is done by using our “sixth sense” or intuitive ability. The animal communicator serves as a translator between you and your animal companion. Meredith reads the animals’ energy and interprets it into words so that you can understand your animals’ emotions, physical feelings and thoughts. Animal Communicators can also conduct a bodyscan. This is an energetic connection with your animal that provides physical information such as pain that can help you when you go to the veterinarian but it is not a substitute. This ability is also referred to as being empathic.
Other terms sometimes used for this same work include Inter-species Communicator, Inter-Species Cognitive Awareness Specialist, Animal Psychic, Pet Psychic, Telepathic Animal Communicator, and Animal Intuitive.

Benefits of Animal Communication
• Create a stronger heart-bond and a deeper understanding of your pet’s feelings and behaviors.
• Create harmony in your home by resolving relationship issues between different pets in your family.
• Let your companion know when you will be away from home or other changes coming up.
• Help your animal companion by knowing whether or not there is pain and where the pain is.
• Take comfort by connecting with those who have crossed over into Spirit.

What is it like to talk with an animal?
When a connection is made with an animal the information can come in several forms. You might receive pictures, thoughts, emotions or physical feelings. Each animal communicates a little differently. Some will send pictures, but will also send thoughts. Sometimes it sounds as if you are having a conversation with a person and there will be distinctive traits that come across that define the personality. When animals are very frightened it can be difficult to get good information from them and understandably so. If the person communicating with the animal is in a heightened emotional state it can also interfere with good reception of the animals’ energy.

Common Questions Asked
• Does my animal want a companion?
• Does my animal have any health issues?
• Is there anything my pet needs?
• Why is my dog barking, cat meowing, etc.?
• Does my horse’s saddle fit?
• Does my animal who has passed into Spirit have any messages for me?
• Why does my dog bark persistently?
• How would my animal friend feel about introducing a new pet into our household?
• Is my horse ready to ride again after an injury or would it be better to wait?
• What does my pet feel about euthanasia and other pet care decisions?
• Why does my cat eliminate outside the litter box?
• What can I do to help create better cooperation from my animal friend who is acting out?
• Where is my lost animal?
• How does my animal companion feel about upcoming changes in my life such as divorce, marriage or moving to a new location?
• Is my animal friend happy and satisfied with her life?
• Is there anything my pet would like to tell me?

Animal communication does not replace veterinary care or good training.