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As an Animal Communicator/Psychic/Medium, Meredith helps you have a deeper connection with and an understanding of your best friends, your pets. She connects telepathically with animals and figures out what is going on with them, behaviorally, emotionally or physically. She also connects with animals that have crossed over into spirit and also communicates with the spirits of our human loved ones who have passed on. Sessions are done in person, by Skype or by phone.

Lost or missing animal cases are one hour sessions. Meredith does not guarantee that she will be able to find your pet or that they will come home on their own. She uses remote viewing and map dowsing, along with connecting with your animal and then she will ask them a series of questions. 

Meredith will connect with your loved ones in Spirit and help to relay their messages to you. This can be a very comforting and transformational experience. 


By appointment only.
Payment must be made at the time that you schedule your session. I accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard.
Please note: I no longer accept personal checks as payment. No refunds once a session has been scheduled and paid for.

Animal Communication Fees
By Phone/Zoom

30 Minute Session-$155

For 1 animal. A deeper focus on a physical, performance, or long-standing behavior issue, trauma, transitions, adoption, moving, etc.
50 Minute Session-$295
For 1-3 animals or an in-depth session for 1 animal and a deeper focus with a physical, performance, or long-standing behavior issue, trauma, transitions, adoption, moving etc.

In-Person At Your Home or Barn(within 5 mile radius of 90717)
60 Minute Session-$395
For up to 3 animals in the same home or barn.

Group Readings For Mediumship or Animal Communication:

$100 per pet or per person for 20-minute sessions, a minimum of eight participants, your location. (minimum number may vary if there is significant travel time or expense). This could be at your house or barn. Call for more information.


Mentoring Sessions:
Contact me for more info.