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What I Have Learned Since Moving Away From Los Angeles.

One of my dear friends asked me an important question yesterday after we were talking about my journey that I have been on for the last three years, she asked, “What have you learned since moving away from the Los Angeles? So I decided to write a blog post about it.

I Learned…

1. That no matter how much “stuff” you donate, sell or throw away, there is always MORE “stuff” to donate, sell or throw away.

2. With every new experience and adventure that I had, I changed and shifted into a better person.

3. How to love and accept myself, even if some people don’t. I learned that I am worth it and to walk away from anyone who doesn’t see that worth or doesn’t love and accept me for who I am.

4. That I had the courage and strength to move 1,483 miles away from home and drive there by myself. I drove halfway across the country twice and I lived to tell about it!

5. My true friends will always love and support me no matter where I live or who I am.

6. About healing myself from the inside, out and how to be more gentle with myself.

7. I can make new friends where ever I go. Some friendships stay and some friendships fade away and that’s okay. It may hurt for a bit, but I will be okay.

8. Being me has become easier over the last three years.

9. This journey and moving six times since September 2015 has been a roller coaster of emotions from sadness, loneliness and stress to joy, happiness and excitement for what each day will bring.

10. People who live in Texas were very warm, friendly and welcoming. I loved the feeling of community in Mckinney and someday will go back to visit. I loved volunteering and being a part of the SPCA of Texas and being part of the art community as well. I made some great friends there and will always be grateful for those friendships.

11. Sedona is a beautiful place to visit, but after my experience of living there for nine months, it’s not a town I will want to visit again for a while. You have to get out of Sedona at least once a week to get a break from the chaotic energy in town. There is no night life at all, housing is expensive and jobs are few and far between. I did meet a variety of wonderful people in Sedona and also met some people who were not so wonderful. I learned that just because people are spiritual, does not mean they are kind or have integrity. I did get to explore some great trails, some of the best swimming holes/creeks in Arizona and some secret spots for being out in nature, thanks to my friend, April.

12. How to get out of my comfort zone many times, even when I didn’t want to.

13. Southern California will always be home for me. It took leaving my hometown to really appreciate what I didn’t have these last three years, such as the beach, my friends and family back home and So. Cal. weather.

14. To not move to Phoenix between May and September! It is very hot!