Medium Readings

Meredith will connect with your loved ones in Spirit and help to relay their messages to you. This can be a very comforting and transformational experience. 

Preparations for the reading that you might want to make are:

-Please have 4-5 questions ready at the time of your session that you would like to ask your pet or loved one on the Other Side if you are having an animal communication or mediumship session.

-I won’t do readings for a client when they’re at a party, at work, driving, walking, or distracted by others in the household. Please respect this. Please don’t talk over me, text others, or take a phone call while I am doing the reading for you, and validate with a yes or no to any messages that I am giving you from Spirit or your animal. Don’t feed me information. These are keys to a great reading. 

-No alcohol or mind-altering drugs 24 hours before the reading, If you arrive buzzed or intoxicated for your reading, it will also impair my abilities to connect for you. I will refuse to attempt a reading for anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

-At least 15 minutes before the reading sit in a quiet room. If you want to listen to some quiet, nice, soothing music, go ahead and do that.

-Spend time thinking about your pet or loved one before the session.

-Be open-minded for guidance, answers, and messages from Spirit or your pet.

-Please do not feed me any information or tell me anything about your loved ones on the other side or your pet. If I have to ask questions, please focus on just yes & no answers. That way you will not be feeding me or giving me any more information than I want or need.

-If nothing is making sense within the first 5 minutes of the reading, stop me. Just say, hold on. I need to let you know that none of these messages are making sense. Because there’s so much that can happen; sometimes it might be that the message is for somebody else in your house. It could be for a friend of yours or a friend of the person in spirit. It could be the messages are for the next client.

-I do not allow clients to use speaker phones during their reading as it is distracting to me.

-Take as many notes as possible. Recording the session is not allowed and I will stop the reading and you will not get a refund for the session.