Lost Animals

Meredith is not currently offering this service at this time.

Lost or missing animal cases are one-hour sessions. Meredith does not guarantee that she will be able to find your pet or that they will come home on their own. She uses remote viewing and map dowsing, along with connecting with your animal, and then she will ask them a series of questions. 

Some of the questions that Meredith may ask your lost or missing pet are:

  • Do you want to be found?
  • Are you alive, deceased or injured?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • What do you see or hear around you?
  • If you are with humans, can you describe what they look like?
  • Have you heard humans calling your name?

Steps to Take to Help Locate Your Lost Animal.

Put up flyers, check with animal shelters, ask your neighbors, ask veterinarians and post in lost and found FB groups on the internet and all over. Go out late at night and early morning calling for your animal. Put out food, blankets and clothing with scents from home. If it is a cat that is lost, put their litter box outside.