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Taking the Leap

Hi, I’m Meredith and welcome to my blog.

I am an animal communicator, intuitive, medium, Reiki healer, teacher, speaker, animal lover and mom.

I created this blog five years ago and set up the pages and there it sat, until I finally decided to do something with it recently.

My Spirit team(spirit guides, angels, ancestors) have been pushing me to get outside my comfort zone for some time now, to write a blog and write a book. How long you say? For the last 13 years. Yes, I know, I procrastinated. I tend to do that when I don’t want to do something or when I don’t think I’ll be good at something.

I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know what to write about and I was scared. Scared of being judged and criticized. I don’t care anymore, I have to keep moving forward on this journey that I’m on, I have procrastinated long enough. My blog is here so that I can help people and animals, to share my experiences and to share my knowledge.

In this blog, I will be writing about my experiences with animals, spirits and being psychic before, during and after coming out of the spiritual closet.

This is my truth, my stories and my experiences. I hope you will join me along my journey moving forward.